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If we talk about his network, it is about 140 million US dollars, if we talk about his annual earnings, then it is about 24 million US dollars, he has started earning this money by making entertainment videos, his real name is Steven John, he is an American. is an entertainer who earns money by making videos for young children.

Net Worth:$140 Million
Salary:$16 Million
Monthly Income:$1.2 Million
Date of Birth:May 27, 1988
Age:35 Yrs
Height:5 ft 9 in (1.78 m)
Weight:83 kg or 182 lbs
Profession:American entertainer

Blippi House

Talking about his property, he is on a very large scale, he has spent a lot of money to make his property, under which he has many houses in the United States, apart from this, he spends most of the time in his own house in Florida.
He has bought more than 9 houses in his name, his property is also spread in a large amount inside California and Texas, due to which his rent comes more than $ 800000 every year.Also like Ruby Dandridge

Blippi Assets

Talking about the Seth bought by her, she lives in the garage for more than 10 reasons. There are all the cars from Bentley to Mercedes in which she has spent a lot of money. She recently bought Tesla Model S. Gifted to his father. He is very fond of buying expensive things. He has also included more than 20 luxury watches in Acids. A few months back, he has ordered a warping which costs $ 1.2 million.

Blippi Losses

He has also tried his luck in the stock market and business, in which he has invested more than $ 9 million. He also runs a chain of restaurants, in which he runs many restaurants, which increases his annual profit even more. goes. According to many sources, he earns a lot of money from the stock market, he has deposited more than $ 5 million in crypto and NFT. These are some of the losses in which they would have to face some losses in a year, apart from this you can see it from

Blippi Wife

Blippi’s wife’s name is Alisha Limegrover. His wife Alisha is a well-known bank manager. Blippi had a conversation with Alisha during an award party in Paris, after which their relationship progressed. has done whose rate is more than $500000

Blippi Wiki

This is a person playing an energetic character who always has a cap and bowtie on his head. His YouTube channel is made for the educational growth of children, in which it includes different subjects for children, including color, number, letter, animal and many more. They teach about them as if small children are encouraged by seeing them and they pay attention to their studies and their physical growth can be good,|Also read Carolyn Bryant

with which their mental growth also starts slowly. They try to keep more, in which things like birds, carts etc. stick on the wall behind, seeing which the children become even more happy. Seeing their videos, the parents of the children also try to teach their children well, their YouTube channel has a subscriber base of millions and more than half of the children are subscribed.

Blippi Net Worth

Blippi Net Worth is $140 Million US Dollars (Forbes Richest), if we talk about his annual earnings, then it is about 24 million US dollars, he has started earning this money by making entertainment videos,

Blippi Youtube

Inside his YouTube video, he lives in a blue shirt with an orange color cap and wears an orange color tie, he explains to the children in such a way that if the children look carefully once, they will be able to do it for the rest of their life. can’t forget him

Last year, some of his viewers saw that Steve was playing the role of Blippi instead of him, he was another actor. Let us tell you that Steven has started living his personal life for some time.

Total Video uploads652 videos
Subscriber17.7 + million
Video views14.5 billion+
Last 30 Days views11 M
Estimated Monthly earnings$1 Million +
Estimated Yearly earnings$12 Million +


Instagram Almost 688K FollowersClick here
FacebookAlmost 655K FollowersClick here
YouTubeAlmost 17.1M SubscribersClick here


How much does the new Blippi get paid?

For the year 2021, Blippi has earned over $18 million in income through media rights and royalties.

Is Stevin John the owner of Blippi?

Stevin John – Creator of Blippi – Kideo INC 

What car does Blippi drive?

Bippi drives a Tesla and a Mercedes.

What is Blippi real job?

Bippi was in US Air Force. After that, he entered the media Industry.

What is Bippi’s height?

Bippi is 5 Feet 9 Inches tall.

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