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Hello friends, welcome to this article of ours, today we are going to tell you about the life of Charleston White through this article, in this article you will get complete information about the biography of Charleston White, let us tell you that Charleston White,

Charleston White is an American Comedian, Youtuber and Influencer, Entrepreneur. His comedy is very much liked by the people. He is as good a comedian as he is a good person. Although he had to face a lot of difficulties in the midst of all this, yet he determined to keep moving forward in this field through his continuous efforts and today due to his efforts, he is known everywhere and this is a have become popular figures. So let’s know about his family, career, net worth, and some basic things about him today through this article :-

Who is Charleston White?

Charleston White is an American comedian, along with this he is also a YouTuber and social media influencer, he shares his good thoughts and motivational things through his videos, due to which he has become a famous person. I have 2.31M subscribers on THE REAL CHARLESTON WHITE on YouTube and have become a celebrity

The problems of the past changed him when he went to jail for a serious crime after which this incident gave him a new direction and today he has become a person who believes in inspiring and helping as many people as possible. For this, he started an organization called HYPED About HYPE (Helping Young People Excel) Youth Outreach, where he supports and guides youth.

Charleston White wants to share what he has learned from his problems with others, to teach people that every problem can be overcome and by helping others by being a better person in the world, he is also one of himself in the crowd of the world. Space can be made.

Charleston White Career

Charleston White has participated in a variety of acts throughout his career. He started it as a comedian on YouTube, he made videos that people liked very much. After this he gradually started becoming famous and was liked by more and more people.
Currently the YouTube channel called “The Real Charleston White” has 230M subscribers.
Along with this, it inspires and guides the youth.

Along with these, Charleston is also an entrepreneur. He shares and promotes various brands and products through his social media accounts. He also has accounts on Instagram and TikTok where he has a huge following.

The most special thing about Charleston is that even after facing so many difficulties in his life, today he inspires people through his organization HYPE (Helping Young People Excel) Youth Outreach, he helps them. Let us tell you that Charleston Its CEO and founder is.
Thus, Charleston White takes on a lot of things in his career and through it he wants to make a difference in the world and bring positivity in the lives of as many people as possible by helping them.

Charleston White Early Life

Talking about the early life of Charleston White, his early life was full of ups and downs and challenging. Charleston White was born in 1970 in Texas, USA.

Apart from this, no other information has been received about his family and relatives, he has not shared anything about his family on social media. If reports are to be believed, Charleston White was brought up in Texas and did his schooling from a local school. However, when he was only 14 years old, he was convicted of murder due to his involvement in a serious incident.

In accordance with the Texas Deterministic Sentencing (Juvenile) Law, Charleston was sentenced to twelve years and also served six and a half years at Giddings State School. All these experiences showed him a path towards positivity, on which today he has become such a successful person who makes people laugh as well as helps and inspires them.

Charleston White Education

Charleston White completed his early education from the local school in Texas. Charleston White’s complete education is not clearly stated anywhere but according to some websites after completing his early education he proceeded to study pre-law at Texas Wesleyan University in Fort Worth, Texas and worked hard and completed 83 credit hours toward a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice.

After facing many difficulties in his life, he took lessons from those difficulties and kept moving forward by constantly trying to improve his life, this is one of the reasons that today he has become a famous person who is known for his good work and He rules the hearts of people for comedy.

Charleston White Parents

Talking about the parents of Charleston White, much information about the parents of Charleston White has not been given anywhere, nor has the name of his parents been known, although according to some reports, his father is an entrepreneur. Whereas Charleston prefers to keep his family life private so he has never mentioned about his family nor given much information about his parents.

Charleston White Marriage Life

Charleston White mostly does not share his personal life with people and talking about his marriage, not much information has been available about it. According to some reports, Charleston White is married and has two children.

However, Charleston White has not shared anything about his wife’s name or their relationship. There is an understandable reason for this, because of the variety of problems in his past life, Charleston prefers to keep his personal information, including his marriage, away from the public.

Charleston White Net Worth

Talking about the net worth of Charleston White, according to the information found in social media, his net worth is around $1.75 million. Talking about his sources of income, he has various sources of income, he is a social media influencer, so he charges different brands for promotion. Thus they have more than one source of income.

Charleston White Criminal Arrest & Murder Story

When Charleston White was 14 years old, he was convicted of murder for his involvement in a serious incident. He was sentenced to twelve years in prison under the Texas Deterministic Sentencing (Juvenile) Act. While in prison, he was involved in gangs. Then, the Texas Youth Commission (now known as the Texas Department of Juvenile Justice) played a significant role in saving his life, and the commission’s staff did what was necessary to improve his life. Provided equipment and support.

During an interview with DJ Vlad, Charleston White shared the story of the murder, stating that he ran away from home on September 16 and became involved in criminal activities on September 18, after which a man named Michael Levy was killed in the incident. Has gone. Charleston reveals that their plan was to steal an expensive starter jacket from the mall. He gathered a group of teenagers, including his friend DJ, and went to the Foot Locker store at Forum 303 Mall.

Inside the shop, when they saw a black man, they got scared and decided to come back. Meanwhile, while fleeing, Charleston saw Michael Levy, a white man, in the parking lot.

Mr. Levy saw what was happening and tried to intervene. During this he jumped on top of the car and started hitting the windshield with a tool he was working on his car. whereupon the glass shattered in Charleston’s friend’s face, and Charleston, handing the gun to his friend, instructed Mr. Levy to shoot. Unfortunately, Mr. Levy was shot and killed as a result. Following the incident, Charleston was incarcerated at the Texas Youth Commission (TYC) from 1991 to 1998.

Charleston White went on to state that many of his friends are being released from prison on their 18th birthdays after serving their sentences. Most of them have spent twenty or more years in prison by the age of thirteen or fourteen. Sharing this story he said that through my story I want to bring hope to those who have lost this hope. This story goes to show that even victims of horrific acts can turn their lives around and make a positive impact on society as they carve out a niche for themselves.

The Charleston White Controversy with J. Prince

Charleston White says J. Prince is to blame for the cancellation of his sold-out comedy show in Houston. He claims that the police refused to give him protection because of the rap-a-lot music mogul and his ongoing feud. Charleston White spoke his mind saying that the Houston Police Department (HPD) J.J. Afraid of the Prince, which is why he made no effort to protect him on his comedy tours. He received a message informing him of the cancellation of his youth performance in Houston, Texas and planned to meet with the Houston Police Department to discuss the situation.

Charleston White Calls Child Protective Services on Finesse2Tymes

Charleston White hit the headlines once again when he decided to contact child protective services on 7 May 2023, Finesse2Tymes. Let us tell you that Finesse2Tymes is an Atlantic Records-signed rapper. Whose J. Has a close relationship with Prince.

A video of the rapper’s son has reportedly been leaked online in which he is seen using marijuana. Since Charleston White works with children, they said it’s my obligation to report something that makes you think children are in danger.” The youth in question is rapper Lil King, described as the “son” of Finesse2Times. Also known as

He further added, “I found a video shot by this kid who was threatening online and it was given to me. Videos exist of this kid, whose real name is Lil King, hanging out in nightclubs with criminals, drugs and weapons. He’s a young rapper, so I can send you a link to a video called “Lil King Goes In On Charleston White”. Which you can also watch on YouTube.

Special Facts About Charleston White

  • Charleston White is a well-known comedian, YouTuber, social media influencer, and a motivational speaker.
  • Charleston White has a criminal past and has served prison terms for it and was only 14 years old then.
  • Despite so many troubles in his life he gave positivity to his life and today he gained popularity through his videos and speeches on his YouTube channel where he shares his personal experiences and his life changing incident and motivates people. inspire.
  • He is the founder and CEO of HYPED ABOUT HYPE (Helping Young People Excel) Youth Outreach, through which he strives to lead the youth towards inspiration and positivity.
  • Charleston White completed his education despite so many difficulties in his life and today he works continuously to give the youth the benefit of his full potential and experience.

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