Raul Rosas Jr, Wiki, Age, Parents, Girlfriend, Career, Ethnicity, Net Worth

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Raul Rosas Jr is known for mixed martial arts martial, in this he has displayed himself in front of fans with his hard work, martial arts is an admirable art in itself and in this eight, Raul Rosas Jr has raised himself with his determination. He is the champion in the world of martial arts. Today, in this article, we will tell you the whole thing about them so that you can know them well, so read our article till the end and follow our social media.

Raul Rosas Jr.

Birth PlaceSanta Rosa, California
Star SignLibra
Net Worth (2023)$500,000 (estimated)
Last Fight Earnings$114,000
MMA Debut2019
MMA Record7-0-0

Raul Rosas Jr MMA

At the age of just 18, he won the Banton Weight Fighter Championship, after that he learned a lot while increasing his skills and became a weight top rated fighter, after that he realized himself that he can do a lot and he can achieve success in his life. He can emerge as a good fighter, after that he tried to improve himself and even today he is a very good fighter, Also Read About Malakai Bayoh.

Raul Rosas Jr UFC

He also faced many difficulties in his career move forward, such as his first attempt in which it was to become the champion of UFC, after which he suffered a slight setback and this happened when he was playing in UFC 287. Were and during that he was defeated but even after this his support continued and after that he emerged as the champion of UFC.

Raul Rosas Jr Education

While pursuing his career, he also paid attention to his education, he thinks a lot about his education and at the moment he is taking his education inside Las Vegas. Passed high school with good numbers, after that he started college and his excellence in moving forward depends on these things, if a person pursues his career by paying attention to these, then he reaches a very high height, such as they have started in their life.

Raul Rosas Jr Parents and Siblings

Talking about his family, they all live together, his parents and siblings all live very lovingly. He was born inside New Mexico, he grew up first in a supportive home and then his father who is an MMA fighter. Who played a big role in his life and helped him to reach his pinnacle. He has two brothers named Kevin and Jaisi. Raul Rosas Jr also has a sister named Roja. His whole family supports him, due to which he gets a lot of help in moving forward,also you might like Blippi Networth

Raul Rosas Jr Age, Nationality and Race

Talking about age, he is 18 years old as of 2023. Talking about his nationality, he was born in Clovis New Mexico and his nationality is America. Talking about his ethnic background, he is Mexican. His parents Due to living together, brothers and sisters have achieved many achievements in their life and their living conditions are also very good, their food and drink is inside the Mexican city and mostly they live there.

Raul Rosas Jr Girlfriend

Talking about his life, it is hidden, at the moment he does not bring it in much light because he likes to live as a private person and considers it good to keep his personal life away from other people and his girlfriend’s. The name is not known yet. He gives priority to his career and does not like to share his personal life with people. This is a very admirable quality of him. He likes to spend quality time with other people. talking making good relationships there are other things.

Raul Rosas Jr. Record

Win7–0Jay PerrinSubmission (rear-naked choke)UFC 282December 10, 2022
Win6–0Mando GutierrezDecision (unanimous)Dana White’s Contender Series 55September 20, 2022
Win5–0Andres PortocarreroTKO (punches)UWC 35June 24, 2022
Win4–0Jose Guadalupe PeñalozaSubmission (rear-naked choke)UWC 34May 27, 2022
Win3–0Francisco VillanuevaSubmission (armbar)UWC 33April 29, 2022
Win2–0Joel PeñaSubmission (armbar)UWC 32March 25, 2022
Win1–0Eduardo VelázquezSubmission (rear-naked choke)UWC 30November 26, 2021

Raul Rosas Jr Wikipedia and Biography

Raul Rosas Jr was born on October 8, 2004 in New Mexico, United States of America. His father was a trainer who was enough to guide him, he started teaching him about martial arts at a very young age, which is a very commendable thing. Due to which he has been able to reach here today, his father taught him boxing, wrestling and many arts, due to which he achieved his goal at an early age, there are many children who start doing wrong things at this age.

They do it and divert their mind from education and put their mind in other things, but they did not do all this, at the age of 16, at the age of 16, they presented their own program in San Diego, got a knock out victory in order, after that they got a lot of publicity. After that, his life changed completely and people started calling him in other programs.

Raul Rosas Jr Dream Chase

Raul Rosas Jr parents decided that he would better their children, for which they moved from Mexico to the United States of America, after which, in the background of his father, he learned martial arts, where his father taught his Son taught them by uniting their experiences, from where they came to know the right path, they started their efforts on that path and today they are known as a successful person.

Raul Rosas Jr Net Worth

He did a lot inside MMA, after which he started earning, his source of income comes from these things, his net worth is more than $500,000, mainly m.a. comes from, after making a career in it, his life started to change, I get a salary of about $ 74000 as a UFC fighter, his annual income is close to $ 150000, you can also see it by visiting Wikipedia.

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Raul Rosas Jr Height and Weight

His height is about 5 feet 9 inches, which is seen in meter, then one hundred comes between 72 to 74, his weight is about 60 kg, he has black eyes and hair is also black.


What is Rosa Jr’s net worth?
A. Raul Rosas Jr.’s net worth is assessed to be $500,000, whereas Jay Perrin is altogether wealthier with a net worth of $2 million as of Walk 2023.

How ancient is Rosas Jr?
18 a long time (8 October 2004)

What is Raul Rosas Jr incapacity?
Paulo Costa shared a photo that derided Raul Rosas Jr, who endures from a hereditary clutter called Pallister W Disorder.

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